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Private Suites in Mykonos

A brand-new gem is forged in Mykonos island from the elements of the Cyclades that exudes style like no other. ADEL private suites, is a true masterpiece of refined tradition, a seductive sanctuary of the senses featuring a top-notch cluster of stylish suites encompasses all the distinctive elements for a memorable holiday in Mykonos, Greece. Scattered on a steep rocky cliff, this luxury hotel in Mykonos offers the ultimate sense of chic luxury living. ADEL Suites in Mykonos, is an all-suites luxury hotel with sunset view. Along with its exceptional setting, the elegant environs and high-end personalized services, this mod-era-jet-setter hotel is the ultimate choice for a rejuvenating retreat in Mykonos, enveloped by the scarlet hues of the sunset. The low-rise structure of ADEL private suites, occupies a prime location—right above the new port, overlooking the white washed cobbled structures of Mykonos Town and the romantic sunset. Quiet & serene, ADEL’s private suites, poses against the unparalleled beauty and revitalizing energy of the island. The hotel is blended with the natural rock, which is maintained here and there as part of the décor. The soft curves of white buildings, stones covering the roofs, and materials used: wood & stone, connect ADEL organically with its surroundings. Enter the private world of ADEL suites in Mykonos and let us create your memories.

Stay with us

Individually decorated and designed, all suites embody a contemporary, minimalist look, balanced by the traditional aesthetics of the Cyclades. Against the soft lines and traditional colours, the architect set shiny golden sand floors, designer furniture, art deco details and huge beds, elegant bathrooms, large terraces and private pools in most suites. The water element is the main feature of our Suites blending smoothly with the luxurious barefoot-luxury feeling. The white-washed Cycladic walls, the bedazzling environs and the choreography of wooden details and icy-earthy colours add a feeling of authenticity and allure to the atmosphere welcoming guests to slowly untangle the concealed pleasures of ADEL private pool suites in Mykonos.

Everyday at the comfort of your suite

In an ideal world, we would always travel with perfectly portioned healthy snacks and emergency health food, Mary Poppins-style. But traveling can be hectic and packing food may not be on top of your priority list — especially when you're instagramming your travel wardrobe. If you know you'll splurge at night, make sure your breakfast is nutritious and filling.

Lounge the Day Away

Lounging in our “Battery” Bar, has never felt so decadent as when sat with a mouthwatering cocktail in hand, reclined on the cushioned sunset terrace, gazing out at the view of the magical sunset and the town of Mykonos with the famous windmills.
Enjoy refined cocktails conjured up by our expert mixologists using innovative herbs and home-made ingredients at “The Battery” Bar.
This laid-back bar area will seduce you with its intriguing decor and stylish ambience. For a relaxed luxury experience, the cocktail bar offers a variety of long-forgotten cocktail recipes and local wines.
Relax at our chill-out area, while having a fruity shisha and having the precious company of your favorite book. It is almost certain that you will lose yourself for a while. Let us treat you as royalties and provide you top notch service.

Ride with style!

Privacy at it's best!

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Your day in Mykonos

Perhaps the most important of the tourist asset of Mykonos, that distinguish it from other islands are the beaches. Here are without doubt the most - and best - to be found

Your night in Mykonos

Rated amongst the best summer nightlife scenes in the world, Mykonos is ready to satisfy the most demanding “party animal” hidden inside you. Some travelers prefer their breakfast in the morning. Others choose to party hard. Which one will you be?

Adel Private Suites Mykonos logo



Evagelistraki, Mykonos 846 00, Greece


(+30) 2289 077 745 - (+30) 694 8300024

Lat: 37.45214o Long: 25.33261o

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