In an ideal world, we would always travel with perfectly portioned healthy snacks and emergency health food, Mary Poppins-style. But traveling can be hectic and packing food may not be on top of your priority list — especially when you’re instagramming your travel wardrobe. If you know you’ll splurge at night, make sure your breakfast is nutritious and filling.
Who on earth has the time to knock up eggs Benedict before heading off to the bus stop in the rain? And, as your granny no doubt told you, breakfast is the most important meal of the day – so there’s your justification for blowing a few quid and tucking in! From 08:30am to 11:30am, choose your convenient time and our staff will knock gently your door, saying “Kalimera” (Good morning) and serve your pre-ordered breakfast at the comfort of your Suite.
Enjoy a large variety of eggs, cereals, homemade pies of the da and why not a champagne so as to start your day in Mykonos island with style. Freshly made croissants and great vegetarian options will have you going back for seconds. Sunday Brunch is not to be missed either. Make sure you save some space for some breakfast desserts.
Who doesn’t love a great healthy orientated breakfast on holiday? When you’re away from the comfort of your home, there’s usually time to relax and tuck in to those sumptuous morning breaks – and enjoy some of the treats you’d never have at home.

Battery Bar


Lounging in our “Battery” Bar, has never felt so decadent as when sat with a mouthwatering cocktail in hand, reclined on the cushioned sunset terrace, gazing out at the view of the magical sunset and the town of Mykonos with the famous windmills.
Enjoy refined cocktails conjured up by our expert mixologists using innovative herbs and home-made ingredients at “The Battery” Bar.
This laid-back bar area will seduce you with its intriguing decor and stylish ambience. For a relaxed luxury experience, the cocktail bar offers a variety of long-forgotten cocktail recipes and local wines.
Relax at our chill-out area, while having a fruity shisha and having the precious company of your favorite book. It is almost certain that you will lose yourself for a while. Let us treat you as royalties and provide you top notch service.

Sushi Restaurant

For sushi lovers, a wide variety of sushi options available on order for a truly memorable dining experience inspired by the Orient.

Using only the finest quality of ingredients, our team of experts creates culinary masterpieces to surprise your palate and satisfy your taste buds. In a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere with a stunning view to Mykonos Chora and the Aegean Sea, get ready for unique gastronomic journeys to the senses. Reservations are not required, although prior information on your dining schedule is greatly appreciated.

Private dining is also available for those of you in search of something even more intimate and equally satisfying. In the privacy and comfort of your suite, special dishes are served to order and complete an idyllic dining experience in Mykonos.
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